About us

At glacier, we embrace the alps’ rich mountaineering heritage as well as modern urban trends. We collaborate with the local community and work with regional partners who are experts in their field. We want to help preserve the mountains and empower those who live on and around them. Because this is what it means to be made in the alps.

Our Vision

The Alps are part of us, we see them and live them every day. They represent the fundamental values of our brand, a unique know-how and a way of being. These mountains we cherish are a space of expression and our main inspiration. We are part of it and we aim to preserve them to make the Alps a sustainable place for everyone, today and tomorrow.Ben et Arnaud


Founders Benoît Goncerut and Arnaud Cottet

We have been travelling the mountains for more than 10 years together. 10 years of mountain expeditions, film projects and strong friendship. It came to a point we needed a new common challenge, related to our experience working with outdoor companies. We felt the time had come to create our own brand.

We wanted to offer something simple, tangible, durable and useful. This is how Glacier Optics was born. A high-quality sunglasses brand made in the Alps.
Saleinaz Base camp